So here's the thing:

Starting up a company
is hard.

Statistics reveal that even if you have experience, track record and funding, your company’s chances of going out of business within the first five years are a startling 90%!

You, the founding team, has a vision and probably a deep motivation.
But chances are you’re also short on resources.

That’s why, on the journey towards those initial milestones, a typical startup member setup (or the solopreneur himself) has the following skillsets/attitudes:

  • 1

    Technical expersite within the relevant industry and the ability necessary to build prototypes, and get the idea off ground.

  • 2

    Product planning that is crucial to strategyze how to deliver value to the user (either B2B or B2C) in a feasible and sustainable way.

  • 3

    An anything goes evangelist spirit, paired with a vision of a future where your product/service benefits someone to the point of them being willing to pay for it.

  • 4

    Network building capabilities, either from previous experience in the startup’s domain or from community building capabilities through the use of social media and online marketing.

Does that seem like a lot? Well, that's because it is.

In short, you have to be technical, you need a network, you need relentless conviction that translates in the right evangelist attitude, and you need a sound sense of business making and contemporary monetization strategy.

Throughout centuries of craftmanship's evolution, we've come to depend on job specialization to an extend where we tend to assume that each task in a team needs to be carried out by an expert who has dedicated his/her entire career to do that and only that.

And of course, this makes sense. We work in teams by dividing the problems and attacking them depending on each individual's skillset. This is of course, assuming that we have the resources to build up a team with experts for each domain we need to tackle.

But if resources are a problem, you need to suround yourself with people who can multitask.

More than that, you need people who love multitasking.

That's where I come in.

Throughout a varied array of past work experiences I’ve build up expertise in

  • 1

    Product Research and Value Chain Decomposition

  • 2

    Business Strategy Planning and Development

  • 3

    Responsive Web Design and Videography

  • 4

    Functional Prototyping of Web Apps

  • 5

    Fund Raising Guidance and Support

I can even put together an elevator pitch slide deck and help your company lure some investors in.

That is why I’m the ideal co-founder/partner in those first steps of your business idea.

I can play several roles in those first stages, and when the time comes, I can perform as Product Manager, as I have a track record in that too.

I can almost hear you say: “Ok, great, but how does this actually work?”

And I'm glad you ask. This is what I'll do first:

  • 1

    Revise your business idea, business model and communication plan. Critizise and stress test the concept based on expert opinions (yes, I actually reach onto industry experts and interview them) and the latest research by business administration powerhouses such as HBR and MIT Sloan.

  • 2

    Propose back. You'll have my take on the idea based on market research that I either do myself or outsource within trusted sources.

  • 3

    Design a marketing strategy. Build the conceptualization of the brand and identify the customer personas. In this step we'll map out our possibilities regarding understanding who our targets are (customers/partners/investors) and where/how to reach them.

  • 4

    Execute the promotional strategy. Meaning that, based on the customer persona research done in parts 2 and 3, I will use marketing solutions such as HubSpot, Google Ads and Facebook Ads to reach that audience. Setup some nice rules on the website and social media accounts for automatic response and e-mail marketing using services such as MailChimp and Drift.

  • 5

    Pursue invesment capital. I can help you put together an elevator pitch laser focused on your value proposition so that we can lure some investors in. Also, did I mention that I speak fluent English, Spanish and Japanese? meaning that I can represent your (is it ok to say “our” now?) company in startup events and pitch it myself.

This has probably been a lot of information to digest.

Because you’re used to think that these skillsets belong to different roles in a team: a designer, a web engineer, a marketer, a business strategist... not one single guy who can do all at once.

You see, I’ve figured that in the ocean of specialization we currently live in, a skillset such as the one I can offer you, is nothing but another level of drill down specialization itself:

An ample range of must-have skills for a startup co-founder, at the price of a single team member.

Now, I can almost hear you think out loud again. “Why don’t this guy starts his own business if he’s so diversely skilled?”

Well, that’s exactly what this is.

This is an invitation to collaborate and build something amazing together.

I’d love to hear about your current project.

I can begin working freelance on your project, so we can get to know each other, and if that goes well, we can move onto the next steps.



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